Hi fellows ! Some people asked me if I have a book with my little creatures ! I just did it, at least ! This is the first volume of many others (if someone buy it ) I did two editions, a simple and another one with a little original sketch inside. I did simple [...]

You can watch, and even buy if you want, all of the art still available on the Stranger Factory website during the Winter Salon HERE ! They are plenty of other beautiful things by so much talented artist like Brand Peters & Kathie Olivas, Carisa Swenson, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Tim Lee,Shing Yin Khor, [...]

At least this one is finished ! Time to work on the other “Monsters stuff” !! The show will take place at the Maurer Gallery in Zurich the April 20th.

After a pause to work on a commercial, the illustration for the Save & Destroy show still continue ! Hurry hurry, I need to finish it soon !! Après une petite pose pour travailler sur une pub je me remet sur l’illustration pour l’exposition le mois prochain à Zurich ! Allez, hop hop je dois [...]

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