Hello friends, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and this new year is the opportunity to finally launch my brand new website. You will find all the info, news, gallery or shop, now on www.stanmanoukian.com ————- Hello les amis, ça faisait longtemps que je voulais le faire et cette nouvelle année [...]

An kind interview about me by Jennifer Gori on Beautiful Bizarre. Thank you so much! (In English and French) Une chouette interview par Jennifer Gori de Beautiful Bizarre. Merci pour cette opportunité de m’exprimer ! (En Français et Anglais! )

Dear English audience, many people asked for it! My Art Book “Zoologia” from Cernunnos books is available to preorder on “Barnes & Noble”, “Amazon”, etc… Barnes & Noble/English Version Amazon/English Version

Hellooooooo! Here is my last self-published book is available on my shop HERE…. You know, the one with my October monsters! You can order the “Regular Edition” or the “Drawing Edition” if you want a little drawing with it! I also put the coloring books in because a lot of you asked me for them! [...]

Once again this year, I have the pleasure to participate in the exhibition “Suggestivism Resonance” organized by Nathan Spoor for Spoke Art Gallery in New York. Here is “Angel” – 30x40cm – Graphite on paper. Available by contacting the gallery at nyc@spoke-art.com ———————————————— Une fois encore cette année, j’ai le plaisir de participer à l’exposition [...]

I currently have my first exhibition in Denmark at ArtMind Gallery. I am very proud to present my work for the first time to the Danish public. Here’s a preview. Don’t hesitate to contact me on stan.manoukian”at”wanadoo.fr if you want the complete pricelist. ————————————– J’ai actuellement ma première exposition au Danemark chez ArtMind Gallery. Je [...]

Last month I had the great honor to participate to the show “Of Scales & Feathers” curated by the great Travis Louie at Spoke Art Gallery (New York). Here’s the three pieces I did for it! You can watch the entire show by following this LINK. —————————————– Le mois dernier, j’ai eu le grand honneur [...]

It gives me great pleasure to be part of the ” Vanitas” exhibition at the Haven Gallery in New York. I had a great time making these two pieces that you can buy by following this link “HAVEN GALLERY”. If you’re in the area you can go see all this in person until March 31st. [...]

I have the great pleasure of doing the cover and having few pages in the excellent magazine “Graphite”. If you are interested you can order it or subscribe by following this link. GRAPHITE MAGAZINE J’ai l’énorme plaisir de faire la couverture et d’avoir un quelques pages dans l’excellent magazine “Graphite”. Si vous êtes intéressé vous [...]

I have actually a Solo show at the Stranger Factory gallery (Albuquerque U.S.A) You can purchase online my pieces remaining from my show “Woodland Escapade” by clicking HERE. I wish you a great (and sunny) month of August! ———————————– Depuis vendredi à lieu chez Stranger Factory (Albuquerque U.S.A) mon expo solo “Woodland Escapade”. Vous pouvez [...]

My new book is available here : ETSY SHOP English & French texts Two editions, a regular edition and a drawing edition with a sketch in it.

Each day during october I will participate to Inktober an draw a drawing each day – Here’s the fourth ones ! This is the beginning of Meelo’s big adventures ! You can follow it on my Instagram or my Facebook page.

Hello my dear fellows ! Here’s “Midnight Meeting” the piece I did for “Suggestivism Resonance” show at Spoke Art Gallery  in San Francisco , curated by Nathan Spoor – opening reception September 1 if Interested write to SF@spoke-art.com You can check out for the astonishing stuff in this show HERE

This is the four pieces I did for the “Four Seasons” show at Haven Gallery – New York. There’s still a couple of pieces available at the gallery and the show is running until June 19th 2016. Contact gallery if you’re interested – info”at”havenartgallery.com – ————– Voici mes quatre dessins fait pour l’exposition “Four Seasons” [...]

Aaaarghhhh! My publications on this blog are becoming more widely spaced! It’s true that I write more easily update my Facebook page as this, so feel free to subscribe if you want more regular updates! RIGHT HERE  I just returned from Japan where I was participating for the second time in a sculpture exhibition “Monsters & Misfits IV” [...]

Hi fellows ! Some people asked me if I have a book with my little creatures ! I just did it, at least ! This is the first volume of many others (if someone buy it ) I did two editions, a simple and another one with a little original sketch inside. I did simple [...]

It’s been a while since I had not posted on my blog! No he’s not dead, at least I tried to convince myself, because it’s true that I use now more social networks than my blog because exchanges and comments with others comes easily. Do not hesitate to subscribe to them if you want regular news [...]

Lots of people asked me for prints, I’ve just updated my Etsy shop with these 3 – A4 signed posters (8.2 X 11.6 inchs). You can just order one of them or the set to save on price and shipping. They are in stock and ready to ship. International buyers welcome ! $12 each $30 [...]

If you’re in Paris during February, you can to visit my solo show “Species” at the Glénat Gallery – 22 rue de Picardie 75003 . You’ll see almost one hundred of drawings from small to giant.  Hope you’ll like it ! Here’s some preview of work in progress shot. You can purchase the original artworks [...]

Eng < Ok !!! Next illustration from Bewitching IV ! “The Pumpking”. This little greedy loves the Halloween time !! (available throw this link) Click here for STRANGER FACTORY Fr < Voilà ! Je continue avec mes petites illustrations faites pour l’expo “Bewitching IV” actuellement chez Stranger Factory. “The Pumpking” ! Ce petit gourmand adore [...]

Eng < It’s time to show what I did for the “Bewitching IV” show. You have already saw work in progress. Here’s the complete artworks ! First one : Pumpkid !! And if you love it, you can purchase it by following the link bellow Click here for STRANGER FACTORY Fr < Il est temps [...]

To continue the series of drawings now presented in “Cotton Candy Machine” here Meek & Mood, my two little creatures surprised by an unexpected walker in the forest. Pour continuer dans la série des dessins présentés actuellement chez “Cotton Candy Machine”, voici Meek & Mood, mes deux petites créatures surprises dans la forêt.

If you go through Albuquerque, do not hesitate to spend at Stranger Factory , you will see “for real” this drawing among many others during cross expo with Cotton Candy Machine in NY. To see all the works in SF follow these two links : Stranger Factory Cotton Candy Machine Si vous passez par Albuquerque, [...]

That’s it “Spark the dragon” is available now on my shop ! Follow the LINK if you’re interested ! Ça y est “Spark le petit dragon” est disponible maintenant sur ma boutique en ligne. vous n’avez plus qu’a suivre le LIEN.

Cela faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas posté sur mon blog, c’est vrai que j’étais pas mal occupé ces derniers temps. Entre autre pour préparer deux expositions qui débuteront la semaine prochaine chez “Stranger Factory” à Albuquerque et “Cotton Candy Machine” à New-York. Voici quelques extraits et des recherches pour d’autres projets en cours. Vous [...]

I’m working actually for an upcoming show Stranger Factory crossed with Cotton Candy Machine… I enjoy much to push the techniques that I already know in unknown corners. Wild Cats will be there with much other creatures ! Je travaille actuellement pour une expo simultanée chez Stranger Factory à Albuquerque et Cotton Candy Machine à [...]

“Millow” my custom Skelve for the “Conjuring Mischief” show. Opening tonight at Stranger Factory ! “Millow” mon custom pour l’expo qui commence ce soir chez Stranger Factory !

This is a sneak peek of my contribution to the upcoming show in one week ! So happy to participate to this show with so much talented artists ! It’ll be awesome, be sure to check the other pieces ! Participating artists include Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Robert Hoggard, Josh [...]

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