Please, say “hello” from me to Hellofreaks !! Yeaahh !!

D.I.S Introduce the Astounding Capucine ! Yeaaaahhhh !!

Yeaaahhh a new Guest !! Look for Grapheart great creatures !!

The PIT kicks Asses !!

YUCK Is Here !!!

Marvelous !!! The MAX is here !!!


It’s a Fish ? No ! It’s a Gellyfish !

Look at the Sauerkids Official Website !

Look at the Rolito,s Official Website !




D.I.S Introduce the Incredible Libon !

Chick that !

Tebo is Bad !

Watch inside Yuck’s brain !


Ho hoooo hoooo Danyboy !!! Check this Danyboy

D.I.S introduce the marvelous Zep

The Hammer will Fall ! Follow this link : ROBO27

Hohoho !!! What a Schizo ! Yuck

Hey ! Watch his Website !!! Chick

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