Hi fellows ! Some people asked me if I have a book with my little creatures ! I just did it, at least ! This is the first volume of many others (if someone buy it ) I did two editions, a simple and another one with a little original sketch inside. I did simple [...]

That’s it !! All my original INKtober’s drawings are online available for purchase ! You’ve 31 reasons to adopt one of my little creatures !  Ça y est ! Mes dessins d’INKtober sont en ligne et disponibles à la vente ! Vous avez maintenant 31 raisons d’adopter l’une de mes petites créatures !

Thursday November 7 @10am (PST) – Inktober art for sale ! 31 drawings available for purchase. Jeudi 7 Novembre à 19h (heure Française), vente de mes 31 dessins d’INKtober ! Choisissez le votre ! LINK Here

Still continue !!

Mr Jake Parker launch that since few years, this year I decided to participated ! Rules are easy : Thirty-one days, thirty-one ink drawings. INKtober rules: 1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want). 2) Post it on tumblr (or Instagram, twitter, facebook, flickr, Pinterest or just pin [...]

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    You can now, have a "quick view" over all my little creatures in the "Gallery" page !